Custom B2C Web Portal Development

Only a well-designed and modern technology-based B2C web portal can support the growth of your business. We provide the entire portal development process from design to launch and subsequent support. We rely on a strong tech stack, extensive experience across industries and integration to other systems.

Custom B2C Web Portal Development

Develop a B2C Web Portal With Us

Full-Cycle Development Process

We will provide the full-cycle development process from A to Z and guide you through all project phases such as requirements specification, product design, UX/UI, graphic design, implementation, QA and deployment.

Leading-Edge Tech Stack

We use leading-edge technologies and tools that allow us to create secure, fast and robust web portals. We will always find the best custom solution for each project.

Integration With Other Systems

Do you use other custom systems or third-party applications? We can integrate them with your new B2C portal.

Cross-device & Responsive Solution

When we design and develop web portals, we focus on reusability of code. The portal can be run not only in the desktop browser, but the same code can be used for desktop or mobile application.

Agile Iterative Development

We strongly believe in agile iterative development. We release a new version every 2-3 weeks, so we can respond to user's feedback and needs much faster. This approach reduces time to market significantly and overall boosts user satisfaction.

Support & Maintenance

After the portal is launched, we will continue maintaining and supporting your B2C portal to ensure its high relevance in the future.

Custom CRM Development

Types of B2C Web Portals:

  • B2C vendor portal

  • B2C customer portal

  • B2C partner portal

  • B2C ecommerce portal

B2C web portal development

Business in online marketplaces, direct-t0-consumer, and paid content offerings, is booming, with revenue in the e-commerce retail trade sector expected to grow by more than 50% by 2025.. Whether your enterprise is involved in the delivery of products or services, and no matter the industry, you'll rely on a B2C portal development of some kind to ensure you're open 24/7 to a global audience. Moravio is the international software development company that traverses time zones, language, and culture, to deliver B2C custom portal development services tailored to you. Wherever you are in the world, our remote first B2C portal development company provides innovative growth-oriented, secure, and user-friendly B2C portals to help you sell, scale, and market your business.

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B2C portal development

Moravio B2C portal development company

Moravio - The B2C bespoke portal development agency

Custom web portal development FAQs

B2C portal development

Successful B2C web portal development software is not concerned with one thing, but a great many of them, seamlessly integrated to facilitate a positive UX, encourage repeat custom, and successfully market your business. Companies that rely on their own custom-developed software to implement and run their B2C portals risk comprising on user experience, with outdated websites that run at less than optimal speeds, have a clunky UX, degraded visual value, or pose a potential security risk to consumers and providers. Moravio is the B2C portal development agency that provide full-cycle B2c creation, QA, deployment, and more.

Take a look at these features and benefits of a Moravio designed, implemented, and managed, B2C web portal development:

  • Robust and user-friendly website that offers a fast, smooth, and efficient UX.
  • Enhanced cross-platform accessibility so that your customers can reach from wherever on whatever device.
  • UI graphics that are attractive, innovative, and cleverly designed, to encourage purchase or transaction completion.
  • High-end security profile to build trust and loyalty with your clientele, and protect your business.

B2C portal development company

Moravio is the B2C web portal development firm that scales to your needs. We provide B2C portal development teams that oversee the project through its design, launch, and subsequent technical support. Our fifty-plus team of esteemed industry professionals have been requisitioned from around the globe, work with only the strongest tech-stacks, and have extensive programming and design experience across a wide range of technologies.

B2C web portal development agency

Moravio web portal development software is engineered using the latest technologies. We're proud of our portfolio of recent B2C portal development services projects, which include sports center portals, investor portals, Mall's delivery platform, Sport Rysy's e-commerce solution and warehouse connection, and NDA's auction portal. [Visit us online]( to find out more.

Web portal development services FAQs

Our firm already has an online store, it may not be secure but we don't sell that much, does it really matter?

More than you think, yes. With studies showing that 85% of consumers will not complete a purchase through a website that isn't secure, and with repairs to security breaches often costly to trade and reputation, contracting Moravio to guarantee a secure B2C portal development is key.

Do we need to contract separate B2C portal development projects for desktop browsers and mobile devices?

Not with the Moravio B2C portal development firm advantage. We focus on reusability so that a B2C web portal development designed for a desktop browser can be run with the same code on a mobile application. This increases the affordability of our B2C online portal development.

We have an in-house graphic designer, can we still use Moravio?

Absolutely yes, Moravio's B2C web portal development services are scalable to provide only the professionals and project stages that your company requires. Our staff love to co-create and are always happy to help you achieve your firm's artistic vision.

Got a project in mind? Tell us about it.

We help startups, IT companies and corporations with digital products.

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