On this page you can read what types of contracts we offer to our clients.

Fixed price

We offer a fixed price only for projects with an estimated budget of less than $25 000 without VAT.

The development of a large project with a fixed price is now relatively obsolete. We dare to say that the bigger the project, the harder it is to imagine all the functions, connections or logical operations at the beginning, and thanks to that the final fixed price and delivery time are harder to estimate (despite the best specifications). The risk of additional work, changes in the project, which must be specially analyzed and priced, prolonged delivery and changes in the assignment are extremely high. The original specification also becomes obsolete very quickly. As a result, this means higher costs and longer project delivery times for the client, and often also financial losses on the supplier side.

The fixed price also binds us very much to a specific solution and does not give much room for innovative approaches.

Both parties may end up dissatisfied with this type of contract.

Time & Material

Our experience shows that for large projects it is usually not possible to accurately estimate the complexity of a project. There are few main reasons for this - complexity, incomplete specification and ongoing project changes.

That is why the cooperation of the Time & Material type fits perfectly here. You pay for our capacities and the development takes place gradually, after small iterations focused on specific parts of the project.

We also recommend this type of cooperation if you do not have a detailed project specification. During our existence, we have not encountered a single project where there would be no changes during the cooperation. Often there are dozens, sometimes even lower hundreds of change requests, and it is advisable to take this into account from the beginning.

Time & Material is our preferred way of cooperation. We base this cooperation on an agile methodology Scrum. Fast iterations, maximum focus on current tasks, flexibility, factual communication and less bureaucracy - these are just a few key features.

Every two weeks we bring tangible value to your business.

We usually work in a two-week cycle. Each cycle contains:

  • editing and updating the task backlog,
  • sprint planning,
  • development of agreed functions (development, code-review, testing, deployment)
  • demo version of implemented functions,
  • retrospective.

The key information is that you are buying our capacity and not the end result of the whole project in a specific time frame and cost. The final result is often very different from the original ideas. We always focus our efforts on the current cycle (sprint) to achieve what we have mutually agreed upon. In this way, we will gradually complete the entire project, cycle by cycle, to your maximum satisfaction and with regard to your business goals.


Once the project is launched, we negotiate so-called SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts with our clients. These contracts are different according to the client's requirements. We can offer you the following services:

  • guaranteed reaction time to your tickets,
  • guaranteed developer allocation for your project,
  • project monitoring,
  • security updates,
  • technological updates.

We always conclude SLA contracts for at least one year, they are always paid in advance and the frequency of payments can be set quarterly, semi-annually or in a single payment for the whole year.

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