About Moravio

We are a digital agency. We are not afraid to try new things and break down stereotypes. We support independence and creativity, and we share know-how.

What do we do

We create information systems, mobile and web applications, intranets, e-shops as well as websites. We are solution-oriented and we deliver solutions to our customers that save both time and money.

Our vision

A company without a vision is like a car without an engine. Our vision drives us forward. We want to be the leading company in applying the latest technology to our customers' businesses.


We develop state-of-the-art technologies, such as voice-controlled applications or augmented reality tools.


Having breakfast together, going to the mountains, or barbecue ... We work and celebrate together.


Dog, baby, party, time ... friendly (home office and flexible working hours). Would you like a terrace, a gazebo or even a whirlpool? Seriously.

... but also individual

Do it as you please. It is up to you. When you love your work, there is nothing to worry about (we work for Kofola :))


We are not open-space, but open-minded. What you come up with is always considered.


Yours and ours. Even if we're not breathing down your neck, we stand by you. When you need help, there’s always someone to have your back.

What technology do we use


We organize events

Barcamp 2019

We care about the community of people around technology and the online world, and since 2013 we have been annually organizing one of the largest Barcamps in the Czech Republic.


We support sharing of know-how among developers through the informal meet up called LevelUp!

Currently searching for

Senior JavaScript Developer sipka

What is happening in Moravio

Work, teambuildings, action, fun, achievements. Look at the fragments of our everyday life.