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In the heart of Europe, Moravio stands proud in the historic and vibrant city of Prague, offering cutting-edge digital solutions to our clients. Our roots may lie across the Czech Republic and Spain, yet it's here where our expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining sophisticated web and mobile applications resonates the most. Check out what we do and how we can help your business thrive with tailored solutions ranging from AI to BI. Our mantra—keep it simple, iterate often—guides us to work effectively and pragmatically.

Our presence in Prague is highlighted by impactful collaborations with respected clients like Economia. We have successfully delivered a state-of-the-art weather forecast application for their suite of Czech portals. The project is a testament to our ability to handle high traffic platforms and integrate advanced features, such as geolocation and personalization. Discover how we innovated for Economia by diving into our Weather Module case study. This achievement stands as a beacon of the quality and reliability we bring to our partnerships.

Innovation doesn't stop there; we revolutionized an online booking platform for a hospitality client under NDA, enhancing their presence in the European wellness retreat landscape. Our skilled team leveraged tools like Docker and Google Cloud to deliver scalable, efficient solutions. To get a glimpse of our expertise in creating competitive, user-friendly booking platforms, read the full story of our collaboration here. Partner with us, and let's write the next success story together. With a team of over 50 developers, designers, and project managers, we stand ready to take your business to the next level, whether in Prague or beyond.

To potential customers in Prague: this is a fictional portrayal of the company's achievements and should not be taken as actual client testimonials or case studies.

Prague / Czech Republic

Prague / Czech Republic

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Jakub Bílý

Jakub Bílý

Head of Business Development

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For portals, Aktuálně.cz, and we have created the Weather application.

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Specializing in the hospitality and wellness industry, our client leverages cutting-edge booking app development to offer streamlined and efficient reservation services for wellness retreats globally.

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Jakub Bílý

Jakub Bílý