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Are you looking for a supplier who will develop a project for you at a fixed price? We can offer you this type of cooperation if the estimated price of the project is up to $25000 without VAT.

We offer this type of contract only for projects under $25 000 without VAT. This type of cooperation is based on 100% correct and final project specification handed to us before the start of our cooperation. If the estimated project cost is higher or you don't have that kind of specification, we can offer cooperation based on the Time & Material contract. Please, read more about it here:

This type of contract has long been obsolete. The time it takes from your preparation of specification to our delivery of the whole project can be several months long (sometimes even more) and a lot happens in the meantime in your business (especially if you grow) resulting in the original specification quickly becoming obsolete and is without real value.

We dare to say that from a certain project size, it is not possible to think of all the functions, connections or logical operations from the beginning. From our experience we know that each project is further modified during the development compared to the original specification and all these adjustments are impossible to implement with an original fixed price. It is usually necessary to withdraw from some of the original requirements, or to develop all additional features in the form of additional payment. Both sides can be eventually unhappy with this type of contract.

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