Development in TypeScript

TypeScript is an open-source programming language that is suitable for use in both front-end and back-end programming. This is a JavaScript extension in which the compatibility of the environment does not have to be addressed. TypeScript is a product of Microsoft and its pilot testing projects include Xbox Music, Office Web Apps, Office 365. TypeScript is also used by Adobe, Slack, Asana and Lyft, for example.

TypeScript and Moravio

We have extensive experience with TypeScript. We currently use TypeScript mainly as part of co-development on an international project with a microservice architecture. TypeScript drives the backend API here, communicates with Dialogflow. The whole project runs in Google Cloud in Kubernetes.

Why did we choose TypeScript in Moravio?

We perceive TypeScript as a strong enterprise solution, which also offers the lightness and flexibility of modern approaches to programming (prototyping, agile development). It has the advantages of the Java programming language, but it is clearer, simpler and without unnecessary ballast.

Not only do we perform ongoing business validation , we have high standards throughout the development process. We use and process technical analyzes, do unit tests, code reviews, CI / CD, quality assurance and follow the principles of DevOps in project management.

How can we work together

Exactly as you need. We offer custom made solutions for all our clients.

The whole project with us

We tailor development process from professions such as project management, senior developers, junior developers, analysts, graphic designers, product management, and so on. Especially where the complexity of the project and the common possibilities meet.

Collaboration with your team

We will supplement your know-how with what you are missing from the project. Thanks to our experience and variability, we fit into any team you build on the project. We help with anything - from analysis, through management to the strength of our developers.

Support even after the end of the project

After the end of the project, you will no longer need (but want) us. We do not create dependence on us, but after the end of the development itself, we can continue to help in auditing or quality assurance. We have our own support department , we can take care of your project for a long time and together adapt it to current requirements.

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