Front-end in React

We also use Java Script framework React for the front-end of more complicated information systems, websites and web applications.

Where do we use React

React processes graphs efficiently, provides fast user interface responses, simplifies workflow with intuitive solutions (such as drag & drop etc.).

We can also help with the back-end

We are not dealing with front-end only, we are just as strong in the back-end - we will help you develop an API interface to connect your back-end to the front-end in React.

More than just React

Along with React.js, we use a lot of related technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and more.

We do not only carry out continuous business validation, we have set up high standards throughout the whole development process. We use and process technical analyses, do unit tests, code reviews, CI / CDs, quality assurance and follow the DevOps principles in project management.

How we can cooperate?

Exactly as you need. We offer custom-made solutions for all our clients.

The whole project with us

We assemble the development based on particular professions such as project management, senior developers, junior developers, analysts, graphic designer, product management and so on. First of all, where the complexity of the project and common possibilities meet.

Cooperation with your team

We will supplement your know-how with what is missing from the project. Thanks to our experience and variability, we fit into any team you establish for the project. We can help with anything - from analysis to management to the strenghts of our developers.

Support after completing the project

After the project is over, you will no longer need (but want) us. We do not create dependence on us but after the development itself we can continue to assist in auditing or quality assurance. We have our own support department, we can take care of your project on a long-term basis and jointly adapt it to current requirements.

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