Node.js development

Development in Node.js

Node.js is a powerful enterprise solution primarily focused on the implementation of backend online and offline applications. It is an open-source programming language running on the high-performance javascript core V8 from the Google Chrome browser.

Node.js and Moravio

We use Node.js as a backend for generating map data, for a map server and it also provides us with DialogFlow traffic control. In Node.js, we also created an integration layer with a unified API, to which we connect all third-party APIs.

Why do we use Node.js in Moravia?

We use various technologies on the public part of the website, but the React framework predominates. Therefore, it is a great advantage to use JavaScript on the backend. Another advantage of Node.js is that it is built as asynchronous from the beginning. This is especially important when creating applications that process a large number of requests at once or are input-intensive (I / O). It is also much easier to start a new Node.js server (for example, compared to Nginx or Apache server). Last but not least, the community, tools and the whole ecosystem around Node.js are very developed. As a result, there is often no need to rethink the wheel, as the tools or libraries already exist.

Not only do we perform ongoing business validation , we have high standards throughout the development process. We use and process technical analyzes, do unit tests, code reviews, CI / CD, quality assurance and follow the principles of DevOps in project management.

How can we work together

Exactly as you need. We offer custom made solutions for all our clients.

The whole project with us

We tailor development process with professions such as project management, senior developers, junior developers, analysts, graphic designers, product management, and so on. Especially where the complexity of the project and the common possibilities meet.

Collaboration with your team

We will supplement your know-how with what you are missing from the project. Thanks to our experience and variability, we fit into any team you build on the project. We help with anything - from analysis, through management to the strength of our developers.

Support even after the end of the project

After the end of the project, you will no longer need (but want) us. We do not create dependence on us, but after the end of the development itself, we can continue to help in auditing or quality assurance. We have our own support department , we can take care of your project for a long time and together adapt it to current requirements.

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