What we do

Creating information systems

The information system is the heart of most medium-sized and large companies. It supervises the processes, it automates whatever is possible and provides important data for decision-making.

Automation of business processes

Every company works differently, but a lot of repetitive activities can be simplified and automated so that you can concentrate solely on how your company differentiates from your competitors.

System interconnections, synchronization bridges

There is no need to redevelop what already exists. We get the most out of the systems you already use and interconnect them to work together. Whether it's a warehouse, accounting, or even SAP.

Designing, creating and maintenance of Web sites

The Web is the most important business card of every company today. We will thoroughly take care of a well-designed content, usability for your target audience, and searchability on search engines.

Designing, creating and maintenance of mobile applications

Mobile apps make it easier for a customer to connect with a brand, and thanks to its quick use, it is more often opted for rather than opening your site. We can design and make applications as multiplatform, usable on phones and tablets with Android or iOS.

Designing, creating and maintenance of e-shops

Online shopping is steadily on the rise. We will help you with the right design and high-quality development of the e-shop. After launch, we'll take care of its final touches and further development.

Customer Care

The Internet gives us the tools to recognize the market cheaply and quickly and to find the right price and product characteristics.

Technologies, we use

  • React and React Native
  • PHP/Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Prestashop / Shopsys
  • Framework / WooCommerce

Development process

We are always in touch. We listen to your problems and ideas. Our clients do not deal with individual services, we take care of them, and it is up to us to come up with complex solutions.

Maintenance and development

Everything under one roof

We program, but we also do marketing. Thanks to the close cooperation of our teams, we can address everything faster and more complexly.

More about marketing

Besides development, we can also offer marketing services

  • Increasing number of visitors
  • Building a brand
  • Product and its price
  • More orders
  • Full service
  • Website, project development

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