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Collaboration with Tieto began in the spring of 2015, when HR Department approached us with a demand for career site to be used by Tieto to offer free job positions. A part of the idea was to establish a follow-up campaign on the web in the future to enable people to design their own ideas for job positions they would possibly like to work on. We started the work by input analysis, where we jointly specified the client's needs and established the target groups for which the site is primarily intended. We continued with the compilation of content strategy: what information and how it will be presented.

Finally, we started the implementation of the entire work where WordPress served as a technological base. To ensure sufficient security, we performed an external security audit and used its outcomes to make adjustments for higher security. Two campaign sites have been linked to the main career site in 2016. We provide customer care services to ensure the development and maintenance.

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Obrázek stránky
Obrázek stránky

What we did for client

  • Initial analysis of needs and target groups
  • Content strategy
  • WordPress
  • Customer care services

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