Virtual assistant voice control

Moravio cooperates with JLL on the JiLL / Book a desk project . We help develop a mobile application with virtual voice assistant that facilitates everyday tasks in the work environment to simplify operational tasks and provide the same convenience as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant offer in personal life.
The buildings in the JLL portfolio have shared workspaces - desks and seats; via JiLL / Book a desk, it is possible to work with their reservations only by voice.

Our virtual assistant responds to requests such as:
"Hey JiLL, book a weekly meeting with my team," "Hey JiLL, find me an open desk on the third floor this afternoon.“

On behalf of Moravio we provided the JiLL / Book a desk project with project management, participated in the design and implementation of the product and cooperated with JLL's internal developers. During August 2019, the last two weeks before the launch of JiLL at the AON Center, we coordinated deployment of the application together with internal staff at Menlo Park in Sillicon Valley. As a result, communication with the company, with a standard 9-hour time difference, has been considerably accelerated and simplified at this crucial time.


“Opportunities for users to centrally manage their requirements digitally, both at home and on the move are still increasing. Work tasks are, however, often secondary, which can be frustrating.”


Vinay Goel,
Chief Digital Product Officer,

  • (Director, Product Management
    Google Maps & Local, 2011 – 2018)
  • (Country Head of Products
    Google Maps & Local, 2007 – 2011)

Project technologies

  • Machine Learning
  • Dialogflow
  • NLP/NLU (natural language processing / understanding)
  • Google Cloud / Kubernetes / Docker
  • TypeScript / Android / iOS

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