What "seniority" means

  • Seniority in development isn’t just the time you already spent behind the computer screen. It’s the way you think the way you handle the problem and the responsibility you feel. We need you to want to be proud of your work, your team and company you’re part of.

What are we looking for?

  • You have experiences in many technologies and to adapt to a new one is not a problem
  • You are pragmatic. Nothing is personal and the main goal is to deliver quality.
  • You are unstoppable. You learn and offer solutions and improvements.
  • You own the problem. You feel responsible and you are reliable. You make sure the thing is done. Nothing is “someone else’s problem”.
  • You are communicative. Able to be part of the team and you can listen to others. You are ready to lead and ready to help.
  • You have high standards of coding and testing.

Who are we?

  • Digital agency for custom software development, we design, build and maintain web and mobile apps and systems.
  • Adaptable, agile and organic, we love to gain new experiences and knowledge
  • Young and professional team.
  • Our base is in Ostrava but we work remote.
  • We support personal growth.
  • 10 years of advanced experience with digital product development.

What we do

  • Custom Software
  • Information Systems
  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Web & Enterprise Portals
  • Systems Interconnection
  • Co-development
  • UX & Design Services

What technologies we (mainly) use

  • Frontend: React.js, Vue.js
  • Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, PHP (Laravel)
  • Servers: Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, AWS
  • Machine Learning: Dialogflow
  • Web: Wordpress, Hugo

What are we offering?

  • Flexibility. In communication, work hours, work places, you name it. You want to work 9 - 5? It’s ok with us. Are you more like a night owl and you want to work evenings and nights? No problem. You want to work as an employee? Contractor? Everything is possible. Are you from abroad? That’s actually great! We will establish individual terms for anyone.
  • Excitement. There isn’t a lot of us. But we decide very carefully who’s our team mate. So you can have bigger picture, bigger decision impact and influence than in some corporate. And because every project is unique we never know what to expect. And that’s part of the fun.
  • We are friendly. To everything and everybody. Period.
  • New things every day. Wanna learn? Great, we know things. Wanna be initiative? Even better, we’ll figure out together. Do you know something we don’t and are you willing to teach us? Absolutely fantastic.
  • Money! We appreciate your skill. You’ll see.

We are small agency with big experiences. Our clients are all over the world, members of Fortune 500 in US, big Czech companies, but if the project needs us we go local as well.
If you are what are we looking for contact us on 739 360 450 or kariera@moravio.com. We want to see your CV, sure, but most importantly we want to talk to you.
See you soon!
Moravio Team

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