What do we expect from you:

  • ability to deal with a team of five to seven developers
  • dealing with clients on a daily basis
  • a firm hand when handling capacities and finances
  • friendliness, human attitude and strong morals

What do we offer:

  • joining a well-coordinated team
  • relaxed atmosphere and informal environment
  • as many challenges as you can manage to accept

There is a little over twenty of us, and we've got a team of mostly developers. We do not act as a corporation full of rules and regulations, you can totally take a dog or a baby to work and in the summer work from a gazebo, a terrace or a table, depending on your mood. We like to organize parties, grilling events and breakfasts, and from time to time we go to the mountains or to sport together.

Call 739 360 450 or e-mail us at info@moravio.com and stop by to look around.

Are you interested in new collaboration?

+420 739 360 450

(Mon-Fri: 8am-16pm)