Senior Web Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a hero to join our team.

Location: Remote or our hubs in Ostrava, Praha, Brno, Zlín or Barcelona

Employment form: Full-time

Starting date: Immediately

Contact us: Fill in the form below or contact Jiří Kostov directly at or our Telegram

Seniority in development is not just about how much time you have already spent behind the computer screen. It's the way you think, how you approach problems and their solutions, the responsibility you take on and feel.

Even though we are originally from the Czech Republic, we have been a full remote international software development company for a long time.

We are looking for talented and experienced new members of our development team. We are spread all over the Europe. We create custom web and mobile applications.

  • Finding pragmatic solutions, document it, discuss it,
  • working on prototypes from end to end,
  • implement solution only if it makes sense and if it's necessary. You are paid for solving problems, not for writing lines of code,
  • be humble, think about the team velocity,
  • be hungry and foolish, learn new things and approaches,
  • bring new perspective to the product design from engineering point of view,
  • thinking not only about the features, but also about quality, maintainability and deployment,
  • you promote CI/CD, feature flagging, trunk based development,
  • presentation of your work and reviewing code of others is a pleasure for you,
  • you are interested in the product roadmap and you are not shy to speak up your opinions.
Qualifications & Skills
  • 4+ years in JavaScript || 5+ years in a comparable language,
  • React || Angular || Vue.js,
  • english level >= C1,
  • high standards for code quality and testing,
  • experience with micro services, architecture design, scalable systems.
Nice to have
  • Machine Learning / AI basics
  • DevOps / Kubernetes
  • UX / GFX basics
  • Flexibility . In communication, working hours, place of work, tell yourself. Do you want to work from nine to five? Sure thing. Are you more of an owl and working at night or on weekends? Seamlessly. Do you want to get a job? Do you want to cooperate on contract? Everything is possible. Are you from abroad? Great! We will set individual conditions for everyone.
  • Enthusiasm . There aren't many of us and we choose the team members carefully. So it is possible that you will see more things and be able to participate in their co-decision than you would in a corporate. Each project is unique, so we can guarantee that you will not be bored.
  • We are “friendly” for everything and everyone. There is no need to add anything to that.
  • New things every day . Do you want to learn? Great, we know a lot. Do you want to be proactive? Even better, together we solve more than everyone alone. Do you know something we don't and you can teach us? When can you start?
  • Money! We appreciate the quality. You will see.
Why Moravio?
  • We want to be the best. Not good enough, not one of many. The best.
  • We have high quality standards, but we stay flexible and agile.
  • Low bureaucracy - results over formalities. We trust our colleagues and we value freedom to.
  • Work remotely or from one of our hubs - Ostrava, Prague, Brno, Barcelona.
  • We have 10+ years of experience in the development of digital products.

What we do?

  • Web & Mobile Applications,
  • custom software,
  • information Systems,
  • co-development,
  • system bridges and connections,
  • UX & Design.

Let’s talk about your career

Does that sound interesting? Ping me to discuss our work culture and possible compensation range.

Jiří Kostov

Jiří Kostov

Head of Human Resources
+420 778 737 430

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Jiří Kostov

Jiří Kostov

Head of Human Resources
+420 778 737 430

Jakub Bílý

Jakub Bílý

Head of Business Development
+420 731 232 786

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